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Does independent film making still yield independent thought?

In the recent years or so more labs, workshops, seminars and masterclasses are being held especially in Southeast Asia and is that really crucial to the film-making in general? Is it instead reinforce a homogeneous mode of thinking rather than allowing people to discover their personal voice or drawing the parameters of what type of […]

You look like us, sound like us but are not us.

I decided in this post to really focus on something that is perhaps more specific to the US but will later expand upon why I feel it is also applicable internationally. Being an Asian, more specifically Chinese person in the US currently, I’ve had comments come up a couple of times during conversations when people […]

Career film-making or film-making career?

I wanted to start off with something that has been always lingering on my mind which is the juxtaposition between the two terms “film-making career” or “career film-making”. I personally hold myself from calling film-making a “way of life” or “passion” because the former suggest that it’s a lifestyle choice and the latter has a […]

Built on the corpses of a thousand dreams.

It’s been challenging trying to write this post because for some reason my brain shuts down every time I start to type. And now it’s been almost an hour since I continued to type this next line. And after going through twelve Youtube videos about dogs that were adopted and finding a new home, I’m […]

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